Predator Mites for Thrips Control

 Amblyseiulus swirski


*Best Seller

* Best thrips predator mite in warmer temps (above 20C)

*Cannabis, Greenhouse Vegetables, House Plants, Greenhouse Ornamentals etc.

Neoseiulus cucumeris


* Best Seller

* Best thrips predator mite in cooler conditions (below 20C)

* Greenhouse Strawberry, Greenhouse Ornamental, House Plants etcs.

Amblydromalus limonicus


* Best thrips predator mite in specific high pressure thrips situations

* Greenhouse Cucumber, Pepper and Cut Rose

Amblyseiulus andersoni


* Best thrips predator mite in cool, outdoor conditions

Predator Mites for Spider Mite Control

Neoseiulus californicus


* For preventative situations or low level Spider Mites with no webbing present Text

Phytoseiulus persimilis


*Best all around for control

* Quickly brings Spider Mites under control

Predator Mites for Fungus Gnat Control


Stratiolaelaps scimitus


* Excellent long term control for Sciarid Flies (Fungus Gnats)

Predator Mites for Whitefly Suppression


Amblyiseius swirskii


* Best Seller!

* Best Whitefly predator mite in warmer conditions (22-35C)

* Cannabis, Greenhouse Vegetables, Houseplants, Greenhouse Ornamentals, etc.

Predator Mites for Broad Mite & Russet Mite Suppression

Neoseiulus californicus


* Suppression on some species, depending on crop

^ What is a Predator Mite?


Predator mites are tiny mites, typically just barely visible with the naked eye, that live on crop leaves and/or soil where they hunt crop pests.

These crop pests include; thrips, whiteflies, spider mites, and other pest mite species.

By encouraging predator mite populations, you will maintain pest populations at non-damaging levels, decrease the use of pesticides and/or prevent pest populations from entering your growing space in the first place.

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