Nematode Solutions for Greenhouses and Grow Rooms


Entomopathogenetic nematodes are regularly used in greenhouses and grow rooms to control multiple pest species like fungus gnats, shoreflies, thrips, and caterpillars. The most common species used in greenhouses are Steinernema feltiae and Steinernema carpocapsae.

Greenhouse Nematode Solutions by Pests

Fungus Gnats (Sciarid Flies)

Shore Flies


When to Apply Nematodes?

When larva or pupal stages begin to occur in the grow medium.

How to Apply Nematodes?

  • Use the product immediately or store at 2-6C (use product before best before date on package)
  • When you're ready to use the product, remove the packets from the box and let sit at room temperature for 30min.
  • After the 30min, stir package in 2L of water (water temps: 15-20C, pH 4-8). Let soak for 5min.
    • Never leave a bucket unstirred for more than 30min. The nematodes will quickly settle to the bottom and suffocate.
  • When mixing the solution, apply immediately using an irrigation or spraying system.
    • Use as much water needed to apply the product to the area you would like to treat
    • If tank mixing with a compatible product, add the nematodes at the end of the fully filled tank
    • Make sure the contents stay agitated, this allows the product to be evenly distributed throughout the spray tank and spraying process
    • Use the whole mix in one application

Proper Conditions for Application

Soil Temperature: 14-33C or 57-91F

Do not apply with chemicals. Nematodes are susceptible to various pesticides.

All filters should be removed, especially if finer than 0.3mm (50 mesh).

Use a maximum pressure of 20 bar/290psi at nozzle.

Spray nozzle should be at least 0.5mm(500 microns - 35 mesh).

Avoid sprayers equipped with centrifugal or piston pumps.

Mode of Action

Nematodes enter their pest and release symbiotic bacteria into the larvas body cavity. This bacteria converts the host tissue into a food source, on which the nematodes feed, develop, and reproduce on. The bacteria then kills the pest within a few days.


Nematode Control Curative Repeat Applications

Soil Drench

250,000-500,000/m2 or 2.5 to 5 billion/ha


A pack of 50Mill does 200sq.m (approx 200 lights)

A pack of 500mill does 2,000sq.m (approx 2,000 lights)

Apply weekly or bi-weekly

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