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Scientific name: Steinernema carpocapsae
Common name: Entomopathogenic nematodes

Best used: as a preventative or curative of the larvae:
- Lepidoptera (Caterpillars): Box Tree Moth, Tomato Leaf Miner, Armyworms, Cotton Bollworm, Corn Earworm, Tomato Looper, Cutworms, Silvery Moth, European Pepper Mothand Cranberry Girdler. 

- the families of Noctuidae, Pyralidae, Tipulidae (Crane Flies)
- the Great Pine Weevil (Hylobius abietis) and Capnodis tenebrionis
- Coleoptera (beetles)
- Orthopthera (e.g. mole crickets).

Works by: the nematodes will enter the pest larvae and release symbiotic bacteria into the body cavity. This bacteria converts the larval tissue into a food source, on which the nematodes feed, develop and reproduce. The host pest dies within a few hours to days after infection. 

Shelf Life: up to 6 weeks from the week of delivery. 

Pack sizes:
- 2 sachets of 25 million infected third-stage larva in a cardboard box.
- 2 sachets of 250 million infected third-stage larva ina cardboard box.

Targeted pests:
Box tree moth
Shore Flies
Crane fly
Tomato looper
Cabbage looper
European pepper moth
Diamond back moth

Size: Capsanem 50 Million

  • Capsanem 50 Million
  • Capsanem 500 Million
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250,000-500,000/m2, depending on pest pressure and crop type.

To prevent or eradicate a pest infestation, most of our biological pest control products need to be placed out either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Please contact us if you require more information.

Upon receipt take boxes out of the ECO box. Keep in a dark refrigerator or cold room at 2-6C. Make sure to use the package by the expiry date found on the box.

Most of our products contain living organisms; therefore, we must follow specific procedures to guarantee their safe transportation from our door to yours.

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Capsanem 50 Million
Capsanem 50 Million