For over 50 years, we have been supporting growers with natural alternatives to conventional pesticides. And not just natural but alive solutions such as beneficial nematodes (‘roundworms’), which have been around longer than agriculture itself. Dedicated to making our products accessible to as many growers as possible, we have put endless efforts into research and development. The result is an innovative nematode spray solution, which acts as an effective alternative to its chemical counterparts today and addresses the push towards sustainable agriculture in the future.

Nematodes have been on our radar since 1986 as an effective, clean and safe solution for growers. Since then, we have conducted countless studies and trials to understand and apply nematode behavior to crop protection.

Steinernema feltiae under the microscope


Sophisticated and safe

As partners with nature, we leverage the natural behaviors of nematodes to support and protect crops. Nematodes are alive; they move and hunt their prey instinctively. They can be used above and below ground to protect against pests. And unlike chemical pesticides, which trigger an immune response in pests enabling them to adapt, nematodes remain highly effective over time. Free of concerns about the diminishing performance of conventional pesticides and even pesticide resistance, growers rely on nematodes as a permanent solution for crop protection.

 Box of Entonem 50mill

That solution is also safe for growers and consumers alike. Nematodes do not leave any harmful residue on crops, which make them safe for the growers who handle them and the people who consume them. As a result, nematodes contribute to the better health of people and planet.

Improved formula

The answers to agricultural challenges lie in nature itself. Applying those solutions at scale requires innovation. Growers use our improved nematode solution to protect against a broad spectrum of pests on fruit crops, greenhouse vegetables, outdoor vegetables such as leafy greens, onions, carrots and beans, as well as crops like cannabis or tropical houseplants. And the carefully developed formula and packaging make the transition from chemical to biocontrol solutions simple.

 Steinernema feltiae under a microscope

Our nematode solutions are sustainably packaged and water soluble. The nematodes are kept dormant until they are ready for use, which extends their shelf life to several months. Once mixed with and activated by water, nematodes can be applied by using standard spraying systems and new application techniques, like drones. Drones can deliver nematodes to isolated areas, where they will actively eliminate pests as an alternative to or alongside chemical pesticides.

Enormous potential

The potential of beneficial nematodes to support the transition to sustainable agriculture is enormous. And because of our dedication to research, the opportunities for replacing conventional pesticides with natural, living alternatives will only continue to grow. Our focus on continuous improvement has already led to today’s biodegradable, easy to use, and affordable spray solution. With our beneficial nematodes, growers spray a solution that is full of life! Free of residue and ready for a 100% sustainable future in agriculture.