Koppert’s prolonged spider mite defense in a sachet

Spidex is one of the oldest and most successful biological solutions that Koppert produces and it is now available in a new high-tech, slow-release sachet. Spidex Vital Plus gives this trusted natural solution for destructive spider mites a defensive strategy and prolonged action that makes it even more effective.


Leading biological solutions producer, Koppert, has been perfecting the rearing of the natural enemy of spider mites, Phytoseiulus persimilis, for 55 years. In the beginning of 2020, the company launched a new formulation, Spidex Vital, packed in a bottle. Today, Koppert is going a step further and releases Spidex Vital Plus in rearing sachets that turn these predatory mites into an even stronger natural solution for this tenacious pest.





Proven rearing sachets

Earlier, Koppert introduced its innovative rearing sachets such as Swirski-Mite Plus and Spical-Plus – with great success. The rearing system created by the sachets allows for several generations of these beneficial natural enemies to emerge. Packaging Spidex Vital into these sachets means that it now contains different stages of the predatory mite that slowly emerge, extending the efficacy over a prolonged period.


‘By placing the sachets strategically in and around identified hotspots of spider mites, growers are now able to build up defense lines to both control and contain further contamination in the crop’, says Product Manager Tim Bossinga. ‘Subsequent generations of predatory mites mean spider mites do not escape these predatory mites easily. This strategic method can be applied where it is needed most.’



Other advantages

Spidex Vital Plus offers a safe and healthy solution in a world where pests are building up resistance to chemical solutions that are increasingly difficult to obtain.


The increased efficacy that Spidex Vital Plus provides means that growers have more time to focus on other areas of their work. The sachet application is more time efficient, which offers potential savings on labor. Compared to the bottled product, there is no spilling of material falling off the plants on the greenhouse floor. Spidex Vital is already a regulatory compliant product in many countries, so the sachets can be introduced without further regulatory delays.


Having put the predatory mite, Phytoseiulus persimilis, on a new diet in the sachets, growers are now able to see how these effective beneficial mites turn from white to red as they track down and consume their prey. Spidex Vital Plus sachets can be used in high-tech greenhouse vegetables and greenhouse cut flowers (i.e roses, gerbera). We will further explore the use of Spidex Vital Plus in other crops in the coming season.


As we are ramping up production, Spidex Vital Plus will first be rolled out in Canada and the United States as of November 2022.


Spidex Vital Plus 250 Sachets – Retail Koppert Canada